Candy Glazed Popcorn is very similar to caramel popcorn except that it is made with white sugar instead of brown sugar. Since sugar coats the popcorn and is a natural perservative, it has a longer shelf life than the Savory and Cheese flavored popcorns.

Need a special color for your special occasion, like match your color scheme for that special day, or for your corporate colors, no problem we can do that. Contact us today, so we can talk about it. 

One order from DelMarVa is (4) 5.5 oz bags of Candy Glazed Popcorn for $16.00.

At the Milford Store, Farmers Markets, and special events the Candy Glazed popcorn are $4.00 each. For pre-made bags and Special Orders are (4) 5.5 bag minimums.

DelMarVa Popcorn and Nut Company in Milford, Delaware specializes in gourmet popcorn such as grape candy glazed popcorn which can be one of the many candy glazed popcorn flavors that we have to offer in bags, popcorn tins, or at your next popcorn bar event. Grape popcorn is one of the popular flavors that we use to make our Korn-Fetti which is a combination of may of the candy glazed popcorns.  Also look for our new popcorn wagon at special events.



Dextrose, Artificial Flavor, FD&C Red #3 (E127), FD&C Blue #1 (E133).

The popcorn is popped in an air popper.


Contains: Soy

* Zero Trans Fats, No Preservatives and Gluten Free

*Allergens are present at our manufacturing location, and in some of the foods we make. We can not guarantee any item to be allergen free. Please be an advocate for your own health.