CARAMEL W/ J.O. (crab seasoning) POPCORN (4) 5.5 OZ BAGS



DelMarVa Popcorn and Nut Company in Milford, Delaware specializes in gourmet popcorn such as Crabby Caramel which can be one of the many caramel popcorn flavors that we have to offer in bags, popcorn tin or at your next popcorn bar event.

When DelMarVa Popcorn & Nut Co. decided to expand beyond the Kettle Corn world.  We were very fortunate to have been handed one of the Original recipes for Caramel Corn. And we have not looked back since. In fact we did just the opposite, we have expanded our recipe to include many combinations of Caramel Corn.

“One day, a new reporter of a very well known Baltimore TV station approached Mark and asked if he made Caramel w/ Old Bay (COB)?  Mark said not yet, The Kernel went back to the kitchen and started working his magic. The following week he introduced it to the Baltimore market.  He knew it had become a hit when week after week customers would ask for the “COB Popcorn.” We have since listened to you, and changed from Old Bay to J.O. Crab seasoning.

One order on is (4) 5.5 oz bags of Caramel Popcorn for $16.00. At the Milford Store, Farmers Markets, and special events the Caramels are $4.00 each.


J.O. crab seasoning,



*Allergens are present at our manufacturing location, and in some of the foods we make. We can not guarantee any item to be allergen free. Please be an advocate for your own health.

* Zero Trans Fats, No Perservatives and Gluten Free